Poetry: The Enemy

 we have met the enemy and he is us,

our lies, our judgments, our vices,


our ways with strangers, our hatred for the other,

yes, the enemy was us all along,


the frictions of thought, of bitter frowns and fake smiles,

the enemy is us, never the other, until we take upon and within ourselves,


our joy, our humanity, the goodness of the divine that pervades in each of us,

the deep rivers that streams our love,


until we climb out of the shadows of this sometime hideous and ugly world,

full of lies, lies, lies, the enemy is us and we have met him,


the righteousness we hold on so fiercely,

the rightness of our beliefs and our words,


the truth to which we hang onto, the truth we attach our entire lives,

narrate our stories and our own histories.


decide now whom you are going to be today,

’cause we have met the enemy and he is us.


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