Imagination will save humanity. This notion is the fuel propelling Haitian-American science fiction and fantasy writer, columnist and visionary Fabrice J. Guerrier, founder of Syllble, a pioneering sci-fi and fantasy production house that creates fictional worlds by connecting diverse creative writers, visual artists and inspired creators from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures. His vision is to bring a new era of storytelling in Hollywood and the Publishing world by building vibrant collectives of underrepresented creators producing together within unique fictional universes, publishing the best original work that emerges and growing these worlds through creative collaborations, content creation, and transmedia. The widely published fiction author and poet is a sought-after speaker, a dedicated servant leader, and ardent international peacebuilder. He was selected as a 2022 PEN Emerging Voices Fellow finalist and a PEN Haiti Fellow by PEN America. He was inducted into Forbes 30 Under 30 List and The Root Magazine’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans of 2021.

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