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medusa’s descendant

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When Emilia wakes up in a cage, with her dreadlocked hair now a sea of writhing venomous snakes, she is both bemused and terrified at the same time. Her flight to a nearby street only increases her angst as passers by are turned to stone in front of her eyes but it’s much worse than even that. She has no idea who she is.

Befriended by Isaac, a young street boy who takes him to a safe place, Emilia must somehow piece together who she is and why she holds such potent powers before something dreadful happens. Could it be true that she is indeed at the center of an ancient prophecy and a direct descendant of Medusa?

Before she has time to properly find out, Isaac is kidnapped and Emilia knows that it is up to her to rescue him before it’s too late. The secret of Emilia’s past will not remain as one for long and her true calling will soon be revealed as she prepares to do battle with the tyranny of the old Gods who have no intention of relinquishing their control.

breaking free from mass-produced consciousness: a little book for artists, entrepreneurs, and the leaders of tomorrow

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Are you ready to engage and decolonize your mindset and create a heightened state of awareness within you?

This book will help you do it!

In a world where some multinational companies have more influence than many entire countries, where we remain hitched to an idea of possessing infinite resources while the planet is dying around us, where stateless digital currencies are reshaping our economy and our health and mental wellbeing seems to be under attack from every conceivable angle, we need to find a way to create a better future.

This polemical book, Breaking Free From Mass-Produced Consciousness: A Little Book for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and the Leaders of Tomorrow, is a step towards that and gives insights into how it can be achieved through:

Overcoming yourself first

How to deal with transitions in life

Transferring your will into power

Learning how to think in your own way

Challenging your own beliefs

Using pain and suffering as a motivator

And much more…

When we learn to break free from everything we have been conditioned to know, we allow ourselves room to breathe and grow into something better and to experience what is required to create the sort of future we want to see.

These are the first steps towards that future and Breaking Free From Mass-Produced Consciousness will guide you on that path!

golden veins

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When we are faced with choices in life, sometimes we do the right thing and sometimes we do the wrong thing. We face loss like we face danger and we accept what happens always with some degree of fortitude. Whether it is our own impending death or the death of someone close, a fight to save honor or just to survive, everything we do has its own consequence.

Imagine a world where humans are drugged through the water they drink in order to pacify them. Would you adhere to the control for a more peaceful life, or rise against it?

What lengths would you go to in order to escape the racism of the 1940’s south? What dangers would you be prepared to face? Could you really change deep seated opinions and beliefs?

These stories and others are explored in Golden Veins, a collection of 10 short stories that indulge in several genres, from sci-fi and fantasy to magical realism and horror

Each tale carries themes such as slavery and morality that are set to challenge your thinking and opinions in ways that may surprise you, often giving a different slant on how huge historical events affect the humblest of lives or simply how one person deals with the particular hand that has been dealt.

slavery’s descendants: shared legacies of race and reconciliation

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Race remains a potent and divisive force in our society. Whether it is the shooting of minority people by the police, the mass incarceration of people of color, or the recent KKK rallies that have been in the news, it is clear that the scars from the United States’ histories of slavery and racial discrimination run too deep to simply be ignored.

Slavery’s Descendants brings together contributors from a variety of backgrounds, all members or associates of a national racial reconciliation organization called Coming to the Table, to tell their stories of dealing with America’s racial past through their experiences and their family histories. Some are descendants of slaveholders, some are descendants of the enslaved, and many are descendants of both slaveholders and slaves. What they all have in common is a commitment toward collective introspection, and a willingness to think critically about how the nation’s histories of oppression continue to ripple into the present, affecting us all.

The stories in Slavery’s Descendants deal with harrowing topics—rape, lynching, cruelty, shame—but they also describe acts of generosity, gratitude, and love. Together, they help us confront the legacy of slavery to reclaim a more complete picture of U.S. history, one cousin at a time.

In these moving essays, we see the testaments of journeys made by both descendants of enslavers and descendants of the enslaved to reckon with pain of the past, and look beneath the skin of the present for healing. Using poetry, essay, oral history, genealogical shard, these writings bear witness to the search to find and give language to our tangled, fraught, but ultimately shared history. Puzzling through the intimate histories that link us as Americans to one another— though often violent or painful— each writer here finds a way of knowing the past that offers the present more freedom, more hope.  Here are stories told at a human scale, full of longing, honesty, grief, and also hope. In a difficult time, these writers lay down these meditations in the hope of a better, freer future for all of us. Their efforts are paths we would do well to follow. They offer us a chance for greater wholeness, too.”– Tess Taylor, author of The Forage House

They were once America’s cruelest, richest slave traders. Why does no one know their names? by Hannah Natanson” — Washington Post


Busboys & Poets Washington DC

egypt in a cup of tea

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A meditative exploration of self-discovery into the powers we gain in claiming the riches of our own inner-mythologies.

Inspired and written during his travels to Egypt, Haitian-American writer Fabrice Guerrier releases this debut collection of poetry. The book is divided into three chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. This collection is about the experience of sight, mysticism, self-love, awakening, passion into the inner journey we must embark to reach our greatest soul purpose.

the wall: a novella

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This futuristic novella, written by a collaboration of three DC Washingtonians, depicts a world gone awry. In the not so distant future, a mammoth segment of the Arctic continent collapses into the ocean and devastates the Philippine islands.

Sixteen year old Isabel Mendoza and her grandfather are among a handful of survivors transported to America as “Arctic Refugees.” The technologically advanced society that welcomes them claims to have eradicated all forms of social discrimination. They have done so by creating a homogenous society where everyone looks the same and erecting THE WALL, a monolithic structure that protects its borders from outsiders. In a shocking climax, the refugees are attacked by rampaging robots and drones.

the orion paradigm: a collection of stories

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Explore a new evolving fictional universe and unique characters – some are human, some are earth beings, and some are aliens – in this collection of short fiction stories.

The earth and its inhabitants remain an interesting anomaly from the untrained galactic visitor. They don’t adhere to the Galactic laws and regulations that all others must abide. The earliest forms of these laws and regulations have been established for several hundred thousand years. It can’t be their fault since earth creatures rarely live long enough to even consider their own existence in any serious manner. Some have pondered that their existence is nothing short of accidental, whereas others have wondered if they are not the result of some anonymous joke on the rest of the Galaxy.