In August 2020, at the height of a global pandemic Fabrice wrote and established ‘The Future Manifesto.’

It was a draft made up of seedling ideas born out of deep frustrations with the way the world was organized. Fabrice wanted to bring these ideas and his philosophies together on what would be core tenets on how to shape a better future. This was the inception for The Fabrice Guerrier Show.  

As Host, Fabrice has interviewed numerous and diverse visionaries, innovators, thought leaders, filmmakers, writers, entrepreneurs and creatives from all walks of life. 

Fabrice shares ‘The Future Manifesto’ with all of his guests. And they meet with him to discuss their unique visions for the future whether it’s from an approach or a way of life to an entire changing industry.

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1. The future belongs to those who know their true personal soul mission in just a few words. It’s the strongest pulse of their personal WHY.

2. To create the future begins with slowing the monkey mind and quieting the invading world. Those who carry any form of meditation practice breath by breath can heed the visions of unborn realities and discover the infinitudes inside themselves.

3. Systems of the future are biomimetic, vital, collaborative, adaptive, sustainable, self-organizing, equitable, thriving and emergent.

4. The future belongs to those whose minds are syncretic, polymathic and dialectic, such is the destiny of humanity. They have a moral imagination. They are lovers of truth and wisdom and must actively seek to bring their ideas to the world without fear.

5. We are all storytellers. We must actively mine new meaning that warms up in us and in others our natural inclination for beauty, care for the planet, curiosity, affection, friendship and creativity.

6. We must liberate ourselves from the world and its hyperreality. Actively creating space for new evolving symbolic structures in ourselves and in others.

7. Self-mastery, self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-expression, self-invention and self-actualization creates the future.

8. Technology will play an integral role in all facets of the future of human society. Thus, an ethical framework should anchor all such rapid technologies created.

9. Societies of the future are societies who collectively and actively strive for positive peace, moral imagination and transforming the vicious cycles of violence against the society’s most vulnerable populations.

10. Societies of the future are societies who actively strive to create right relationships amongst the members of its society, and our natural environments and our planet.

Highlighted Episodes:

#14 – Wadia Ait Hamza is the Head of The World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community: “How to build intergenerational allyship and adapt to a fast changing world

#11 – Dr. Etta D. Jackson is the Founder and CEO of The Institute for Conscious Global Change, Inc: How to live a more fulfilled life in the new age of aquarius and the role of spirituality in shaping the future

#9 – Amy Drewry & Micheal Drewry are two American Rural Farmers:The rural decline of america, urbanization and family farming

#8 – Dr. Stevens Bonhommes is a Haitian Descent Microsoft Employee and Adjunct Professor Of Business at Northwest University: “Economic growth, innovation, haiti and the future of work

Photo by Kara Lofton

#7 – Najla Mangoush is the 1st Female Foreign Minister of Lybia: “Restorative justice, trauma healing and how to live more restoratively

#5 – Cedric Nwafor is a Social Entrepreneur and the Founder of ROOTS Africa: “Agricultural farming as a future for africa

#3 – Steven Feldstein is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace and Author of The Rise of Digital Repression: How Technology is Reshaping Power, Politics, and Resistance : “Emerging technologies, human rights and why democracies need to be renewed?

#2 – Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore is an independent filmmaker, she is Kanyen’kehàka (Mohawk) and an enrolled member of Six Nations of the Grand River territory: “How do we live indigenous ways of being and thinking into the future?

#1 – Jamal Grant is the Founder and Director of the NET Mentoring Group whose purpose is to eradicate the academic opportunity and achievement gap, particularly in STEM areas: “How can groups of people born into an unfair starting point in society thrive?