Short Story: A Junkyard’s Search for Meaning


Hello world! I am running a small experiment. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be posting online a few of my ‘(very) rough’ draft short stories I never got to finish. With your help I want to finish them or at least get closer to it.

This particular one “A Junkyard’s Search for Meaning” is an afrofuturist inspired piece and science fiction story of Raul, a young Haitian boy living in the year 2113. Despite living in this great age of space exploration all throughout the solar system, Raul still lives in poverty within a large junkyard located at the deep bottom base of high rise buildings and flying cars over the city of Port-au-Prince. Another character to explore is Julie, a young African American girl who was born on planet Saturn and has never been to earth and wants to go back, her father is an executive in these interstellar mining companies. The gist of this story is that we encounter the first Artificial intelligence born in nature from a piles of the Junkyard leftovers by mankind, ‘It’ this AI will meet Raul and help him achieve his dream and versions of this world. Another important group is the “Mwen Zeus” a rebellion group of people in the Junkyard that are against all the changes this planet has undergone, against the high class of society that has had the opportunity to leave earth. One of the leaders of this group is Luc, the father of Raul, who has been missing for years. There are many possibilities to this story, let me know what you want to see? Extraterrestrials? Where should this story or a character go? Any ideas are welcomed. Write in the comments or send me an email at 




“The sky is the limit” the young black boy thought to himself as he pulled his blue hat back and looked up, saw deep in space, the fiery machines, the spaceships that flew among the stars, the ones that had broken the barriers of human cilization, flying and consumed entirely by the deathlessness of this grand universal sky. The young boy dreamed one day they he would fly one of titanic ships just like his older father, a father who had disappeared from his life, hadn’t seen for too many years. This was the great age of commercial spaceflight and it tasted sweet in his mind, space exploration to the final planets of our solar system Pluto, human bodies living an inhabiting other worlds, different laws, different rules, Raul saw it all, he wanted to go, visit, walk bare foot on planet Mars, like he had seen in all the scrap magazines that he would find on the sides of pills of trash, that reek of a society that had forgotten it’s poor, these magazines most likely thrown out way above by the passing flying cars to the giant trash junkyard where he lived, Raul would spend days searching through the dirty pills, through the large mounds of greasy old foods among things this city hadn’t processed. He read that men had left earth, men had gone to propagate a different society. Raul would scavenge for old medicine and would sell them on a black market of the junkyard to make some money on the dangerous side streets of this underground city, fog filled and a sour smell. He would even sale old toys, Raul just last month was punched and kicked, right outside the sewers of section B-12, the streets were tough, especially during this new age, a new curfew was placed in town, the men in arms, the black Mamba they called themselves, fought off insurgents, gangs and freedom fighters who were seen in a negative light. Raul full of excitement after staring at the launch returned back home through the sewers, through the dark fog and the streams of water, toxic water, a place where large corporations and businesses that had monopolize themselves in the citizens life, space exploration, mineral mining had taken most of this world, the stood: MagnaCorp, SerioCorp, TerrakCorp, their interests to control most of the world, their wants and their needs hidden but their waste dumped, dumping their over processed chemicals, old tools and old run out machines they used just three years ago. Raul took the risk and went back, the streams of lost souls below the town where they lived, engulf by many buildings, this town was buried inside, a town they would call it. Others of the high class of this Haitian society had forgotten about them a long time ago, they had left the earth, they saw and only knew this old raggedy piece of land as the Junkyard, intertwined with the sewers, center of all the junk dumped in this region Caribbean. Yet, it was all among tall tall high rises, large buildings that only cars, machines of transportation, flying cars, all of them flying in the sky, large sky highways from all new machine models that came just 5 decades ago, it was the year 2113. Raul and his family were pushed into the below, deeper in poverty, this great society, this technologically society, held a dark secret, that many people seldom talked about around here, the arrivals of virtual realities, a world integrating itself within another, their products, their machines more and more control, more they became so connected with the unreal, more we made it real, the more we lost control.

Young Raul passed through an underground tunnel, below the city, he went through many fumes and things, saw rats, bigger rats that had drinked some of the toxic water infected fishes, he walked faster, faster near the walls filled with lime, glossy and alive, he went through and looked up at the biggest light up in the tall tall buildings, so many advertisements, their flashes, the movies, holograms all combined, he kept on going on through the long tunnels and finally he had arrived home, he knocked and his brother opened, his short hair pointy noise, black skin and build physic, “where have you been man!” Richie asked, asked with a protective overtone, “you know it’s dangerous to be out this house, you know what happened to young boys like you?” he shouted, Richie had lost a friend, lost Plato who joined the ‘Mwen Zeus’, they called themselves a gang that lived of the edges of Belair. This gang has been all over the news voice for stealing rations, food and other electrical things, Plato died in a raid, shot he was dead and six feet under the ground, he was incinerated, after a month bodies in coffins get incinerated. Richie despised the Mwen Zeus, he thought, they out of everyone caused this town so much pain, blame them for talking, implanting ideas and seed in Plato. Richie never forgave that group, those things he called them. Raul responded “I know, I know”, I saw the launch again, I saw it brother, it was bright and yellow, like the sun, up, up, I saw it” said Raul as he waved his hands up in the air with excitement, with awe and wonder, oblivious to the dangers, the worries of the sad world, his eyes glowed as he always dreamed one day he would ride, he could go to space, he remember his father had gone to space but has never seen him since, he made it to the 4th planet Raul always thought to himself. Richie responded loudly “foolish, foolish boy” “Do you want to die? Do you want your life to become scrap more than it is?” you are shot at gun point if they see anyone walking, these streets, in this hour” Raul’s entire body retracted, his shoulders went downward in disappointed, his older brother had been always harsh with him for going out to see the launches and the cities in the sky. Raul under this voice said “I just went through the sewers, its safe, where’s mother? Is she home yet? His mother appeared, the dark lush hair, her dirty dress with oil stains, she appears to give them a hug, telling them that they have bread and cheese again “I left them on the counter for you Raul” “again”, “again mom!” Raul replied, and Richie then proceeded to punch his little brother in the arm, Raul screamed, as he shoulders pushed up, his face twisted in pain, Richie told “How ungrateful are you? All the work they have sacrificed and continue to do for us?” Raul grabbed a piece of bread and some of the cheese, frustrated, unsatisfied at the taste of food, he went down to the basement, there was his room, with a hammock, greasy pipes on the walls, a distinct smell. all the beds in this entire commune had long been removed because of the deathly bed bugs and diseases spreading, diseases in this world had taken so many lives, an attack, some people said it was attack on the lives many, an attempt at controlling the population, diseases put forth in these poor communities.


The leaders of the Mwen Zeus stood, planning out their next attack, Luc looked at the group saying “we have two years exactly to make this happen, to take back this city, we will take back this world, this world that has forsaken us, that has taken our lives for nothing”, they had been working in quiet to move and to shake this dying world connected through an underground movement of people from around the world. Luc held a rusted metal pole on the side as he breathed and caught these toxic fumes in his lungs, many had build an immunity to it but so many had also died horribly, so many have had boils, diseases and cancerous condemnations to the absurd of their lives, this earth they thought had become a prison, their sons and daughters bled from these unknown diseases, so many of them could not bore children, their women infertile, their bodies black, brown, white, red and yellow, all of them suffered.

The Mwen Zeus felt so strongly about the explosions of the pillars that allowed the guiding, the technological departures, commands and landings of space ships, “That would stop it!” Charles said loudly, raising his voices towards the others, the room woke, Okiko said to everyone “Settle down, settle down everyone, we have to take it only one step at the time”, Okiko with his long dreads had left his family to register for the rebellion this greater cause, he was Raul’s and Richie’s Father, the father that had left his entire family to fight for a cause that he believed in, Okiko was one of the few men to make it out of the Junkyards, It was many decades ago, before his youngest child was born, he had brought up to register for the space exploration, Okiko, motivated, passed all the test after a five year training that would get him to space, that would get him to walk on the outer-planets, he travelled to levels center of this earth and to other planets of the solar system, where only the best make it up there to live, only the high class, the bourgeoisie of this generation that could afford to leave earth. They monitored this world through Artificial intelligence and visual simulation. With the remaining around the world who had the means were all enthrall within the advent of virtual realities that brought their deepest desires to life. It filled their day to day lives with the world that shrouded the realities of those below, those poor, those born without hope, their lives entirely condemned to the hellish conditions of living in the Junkyard. Okiko with his sorrows looked at what he felt was unjust, the way they spoke of his people, where he came from, the long hours of celebrating, of being served drinks, being served by human like robots that have been created to serve men. Okiko spoke to the small crowd, to the Mwen Zeus, he raised his voice “they spoke of us as dead utility, they spoke of us as disposable, we must fight”.


Meanwhile, somewhere in an undisclosed location of the junkyard, a light opened, sounds were uttered and it was heard by all who were living near it, it sounded like a large cry Luc thought to himself, like a large birth of a child crying. It was a machine a new kind of machine that had been sleeping gathering itself over the last sixty years in the backyard of the old internet space, the junk all thrown, the robots all used and broken had formulated themselves into an intelligence, into a form of life, from that moment on the world had change, an artificial intelligent being was born natural by the excruciating conditions of the junk yards. The ability to move, to share a network, it was alive, the junkyards started searching for meaning in a world it did not understand. It felt Raul’s presence staring up in the sky.


The world is so wondrous the young girl orbiting Saturn had said, she was stationed in a spaceship that had build right above that planets atmosphere, a world of humans who had build a colony for many generations now, they grew food in the space ship, the lights, solar powered, they were the high class a group of those who left but chose to get stationed in Saturn, the young black girl ran towards the inside of her large loft, she went up to see through her telescope that was fused through this space ship, she looked in awe at all the stars, all the planets, everything that consumed the entire universe. She ran back down in their space townhouse, “Julie stop running, slow down” her father said with his black hair, brown eyes and with his stern attitude. Julie looked back and said “Dad! You are back from work!”, this was Robert, he was the leader of this specific colony, one of the investment bankers that worked at SerioCorp, his office based on Titan one of Saturn’s moon, from there he led missions, guided ones on planet Saturn to mine all that they could from that planet, sell it in the market. This was a growing market especially with all the different currencies that had not been integrated, If one entered in the business, the probability of making a ton of money was high, Robert sat down as Julie jumped on his back, he looked out the window and could see the deep green blue of the starry clouds on the neighboring planet, he sighted. Julie spoke to the room commander the artificial intelligent being that controlled the ship structures.

The food she asked for was brought soon after, the plate screamed out a steamy sight of fresh vegetables that they themselves still had been able to grow on the ship station with the access Robert had, the meats and the other produced, a luxury for some. Julie was going to school later, this 200 miles wide ship above the planet, a small community that lived there, July got ready with her digitized chips and books, people no longer went to school they attended to their creative expressions, chose to live on all that they could, rich beyond imaginable beliefs, disconnected from the planet called Earth they left a while back. Robert slept next too his wife, Anika, with her lush brown hair, brown skin and dark eyes, she looked at the lights from all the cities on Jupiter, the looked at the lights that came from the ships that flew back and forth from the other planet.