Hello there!

I’m a peacebuilder on a journey to use the internet, storytelling & technology to change the world. I am Founder of Syllble, an online collaborative community of writers from around the world.

I do consulting work for leaders, startups & media companies. Read more about that here.

I write fiction and essays, I’ve published 2 books and I have collaborated with different authors on 4+ books.

Learn more about my background here

“As software is eating the world and automation is changing our workforce. Creativity, Collaboration and Storytelling matters more than ever”

Recent Speaking Engagements


– “S2 Episode 7: Physiology of Success“, The MECE Muse Unplugged Podcast

– “Building a community of writer with Syllble“, Window Seat Podcast

– World Bank, ‘Innovation, Youth & Entrepreneurship’, Keynote Speaker, Washington, DC

– International Monetary Fund, OECD and World Economic Forum DC Global Shaper, ‘Future of Work’, Panelist, Washington, DC

– Busboy & Poets , ‘Slavery’s Descendants’, Panelist, Washington, DC

-TEDxFSU, ‘Gone Are The Days of the Lone Genius’, Keynote Speaker, Tallahassee, FL

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