forbes 30 under 30 founder. science fiction and fantasy author. columnist. speaker. afrofuturist.

“afrofuturism, worldbuilding and what it means today for our global culture today” with fabrice guerrier and terry marshall moderated by dr. henry jenkins at the university of southern california

fabrice participated in a panel at the university of southern california in the imaginary worlds usc class speaking to the next generation of artists and filmmakers.

he shared the stage with renowned cultural studies scholar and activist terry marshall, founder of Intelligent mischief and renowned scholar and professor in communications and transmedia storytelling dr. henry jenkins who moderated the conversation.

conversation with forbes 30 under 30 cultural entrepreneurs hosted by creative armenia

“how imagination can be used to create better social futures” at the imagination desk in the center for science and the imagination (csi), arizona state university

this episode of imagination desk features fabrice guerrier. in this conversation, fabrice discusses how he uses imagination, and how imagination can be used to create better social futures. fabrice guerrier is a science fiction and fantasy author and founder of syllble studios, a production space that brings creatives of many kinds together to collectively imagine worlds with world building for artists’ own work. he led a salon discussion on behalf of a csi research project on ‘applied-imagination‘. this conversation was made possible by a grant from the spencer foundation to csi.

itif and the u.s chamber of commerce – ip stories: innovating for a better future (a world ip day event)

fabrice guerrier was a special guest on the international stage of this world ip day event. he spoke on his vision of syllble as the future of fanbase social commerce and social entertainment. he explains why syllble establishes a strong foundation for transmedia storytelling by bringing underrepresented creators from around the world to produce new fictional universes together with the goal of building a more creator empowered and creator owned industry.

the restorative justice Life: radical restorative reimagination

the restorative justice life show brings conversations and storytelling with restorative justice practitioners, circle keepers, and others about how they bring restorative justice philosophy, practices, and values into their personal and professional lives. As a creative with an m.a in conflict transformation who studied restorative justice, fabrice guerrier spoke on “restorative imagination, creativity, and restoratively designing our collective futures.”

real things living Show: building hopefulness

real things living show is about resilience. this is what you need to adapt and recover from difficulties in life. real things living focuses on resilience and connection with others. connection leads to ideas, to solutions, and to overall better health. listen to fabrice on why it’s important to empower others, remain hopeful and why creativity will save humanity in this full episode and a clip.

real things living show clip — storytelling to create change for the better

the peers project: collaboration is key

fabrice shares how he created a business after identifying a gap in the market, how he’s disrupting the publishing industry and why we need to be listening to and reading diverse voices.

future tense at slate and new america: afrofuturism’s reimagined tomorrows

since the release of marvel’s black panther in 2018, afrofuturism has become an almost household term: a powerful way to celebrate black creativity and explore its political effects. but there’s much more to the afrofuturist tradition than superheroes and kings, and it extends beyond film into literature, music, dance, and fashion—and even politics.

in a moment defined by the growing awareness and rejection of the systemic racism highlighted by the disparate impact of the pandemic and the killings of Black citizens by law enforcement, the project of imagining a future where black people are surviving, thriving, and leading technological and social change is more urgent than ever. black lives matter, and so do black futures—to all of our futures.

fabrice guerrier joined dr. enongo lumumba-kasongo, sammus rap artist to discuss afrofuturism as a movement, it’s significance for our evolving times and our shared collective futures. the conversation was moderated by ytasha womack, Author, afrofuturism: the world of black sci-fi and fantasy culture.

fabrice gave a tedx talk in 2019 called “gone are the days of the lone genius.

it featured his production house, syllble and his vision for the critical need to reimagine our collective futures. 

street pitch 2020 is presented biannually, it is a cross between “american idol” and “shark tank” — with a panel of investors and experts who judge the pitches.

fabrice pitched syllble, his science fiction and fantasy production house in street entrepreneurs’ street pitch while he lived in washington, d.c. fabrice was one of seven founders from the d.m.v area that were peer selected out of 1,000 companies to pitch to a panel of judges, angel investors and community partners.